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Slugterra is the home of the Slugs and many other creatures like cave trolls and molenoids and is the setting of the show. The humans live in a separate world from Slugterra.

Slugterra is a massive underground world, divided into 99 caverns, each with their own slugs and history. In episode 1 of Slugterra it says there's only one way back to the surface. Some believe it's through the 99 caverns and the Slug's energy. According to Eli there are great evils hidden beneath Slugterra held in check by the energy of the Slugs.


SlugTerra is largely populated with Humans and Slugs. However, it is also home to a number of other species, both humanoid and otherwise. While some species, such as Slug Hounds and Molenoids have a clear terran counterpart, other creatures such as Behemoths seem to be fully unique to this underground world.


  • SlugSlinger: Being a slinger is a full-time job! It's an action-packed career choice, full of travel and adventure. Almost all residents of SlugTerra have at least a small amount of slinging skill, but a handful have dedicated their lives to slinging.
  • Security Slinger: Often disparagingly referred to as "mall cops", the Security Slingers are a close-knit group who uphold justice in malls across SlugTerra. They're surprisingly skilled slingers and take their jobs very seriously.
  • Prison Guard: Guard prisons, such as Stalagmite 17.
  • Entertainment Slinger: The best of the slingers can make a career out of showing off their skills with a blaster. Mario Bravado is a beloved trick-shot slinger who stars in his own show.
  • Slingersmith:  Blastersmiths design, build, and repair blasters. As with any crafts-person, there are different levels of skill within this field. Red Hook is a master Blastersmith, considered by many to be the best in his field.
  • Miner: Miners work at mining caverns, usually mining gold or Dark Water, in case of Blakk's workers. But being a miner in SlugTerra isn't as easy as it seems. Some mining caverns contain Dark Water, and miners often get assaulted by Blakk, who makes them leave the cavern to continue with his ambition.

The underground world of Slugterra.



List of Caverns

Main article: The 99 Caverns - This is a list of only a few of the known caverns in SlugTerra, so to see the full list please visit the main article.

Other Locations

Main article: The 99 Caverns

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