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Welcome to the SlugTerra Wiki, a collaborative database for everything and anything related to the TV series, SlugTerra. We are still growing since this wiki was founded. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create a comprehensive database for the SlugTerra franchise. Don't forget to visit this wiki's Guidelines before editing.
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Did You Know...
  • ...that Molenoids have 2 brains?
  • ...that Cave Trolls are the best engineers?
  • ...that Molenoids hear using their noses?
  • ...that the Hoverbug slug is the only slug that can fly while in protoform, up until the recent discovery of the Air Element?
  • ...that Billy appears in The World Beneath Our Feet part 1?
  • ...that Dr. Blakk uses Dark Water to ghoul slugs?
  • ...that in SlugTerra they don't have Halloween or high fives?
  • ...that Healer slugs are one of the rarest kinds of slugs?
  • ...that Eli's Defender Slipstream XVL (orange blaster) is one of two of that model. His dad had the other one, until it was destroyed.
  • ...that the Gazzer, Sand Angler, Slicksliver, Slyren, Lariat, Fandango, Blastipede, Xmitter, Makobreaker, Lavalynx, Speedstinger, Hexlet, Forgesmelter, Enigmo, Geoshard and Flopper slugs are some of the only slugs that have not been seen ghouled yet?
  • ...that the Ultra Rare Enigmo slug from "Endangered Species" made its first real appearance in season 1 episode 3: "The Trade"?
  • ...that Burpy was formerly apart of Dr. Blakk's Arsenal?
  • ...that Ice Ogres can grow in size whenever they get angry, and that the only slug that can stop and calm them is the Slyren slug?
  • ...that the only people to ever do a fusion shot are Eli Shane and Master Shanai?
  • ...that ghouled:
    • ...Boon Docs are called "Goon Docs"?
    • ...Flaringo(es) are called "Pyringo(es)"?
    • ...Flatulorhinkus(es) are called "Flatulo Rex(es)"?
    • ...Hexlets are called "Vexlets"?
    • ...Infurnus(es) are called "Darkfurnus(es)"?
    • ...Negashades are called "Negablades"?
    • ...Sand Anglers are called "Sand Manglers"?
    • ...Vinedrills are called "Briardrills"?
  • ...that the Cavern of Time still has Dinosaurs?
  • ...that the light crystals found in Slugterra are made of Lumino Ore?
  • ...that there are two types of Boon Docs a green one and white one?
  • ...that there is one Infurnus in every Set of Caverns wielded by the protector of those Caverns
  • ...that Doc is the Energy Elemental Slug?
  • ...that Shorty and Glasses (the two other members of The Hooligang) speak for the first time in Slug Fu Showdown?
  • ...that Pronto has currently lost his pants for a total of 3 times in the series?
  • ...The Eastern Caverns have no molenoids?
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Latest Announcement

  1. A new season just started airing on January 17, 2015 (Canada).
  2. Another season is currently in the works.
  3. The new season starts airing soon on Kix TV in the UK, weekends @ 12pm
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The Emperor:
Junjie and Eli confront the Emperor.
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Slugterra (Season 3) - Shane Gang

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Trailer - Dark-Shanai

Dai-Fu Dai Fu is a character that's debuting in the Slugterra: Eastern Caverns movie, she is a Slug Fu Master and one of The Emperor's Underlords. Read more...)

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Slugterra: Eastern Caverns
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Second Chances:
In the first episode after the events of Slugterra: Eastern Caverns, Junjie struggles with what he did while he was the Dark Slinger; a former servant of the Emperor wants to turn over a new leaf.
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