Also check out Dark Energy

Mecha's Heart (Slug Energy)

Slug Energy in its pure form

Slug Energy

Large amount of Slug Energy as seen from SlugTerra: Eastern Caverns

Slug Energy is energy that's given off of all Slugs. Fandango slugs are known to have the richest slug energy.


  • Brings life to The Caverns.
  • Items powered by slug energy have a bluish glow as opposed to things powered by Dark Energy, which is red.



  • Slug Energy is the key to everything in SlugTerra.
  • If Slug Energy is corrupted like if one of the Elemental Slugs was ghouled, then a cavern which relies on that certain element may die as seen in Return of the Elementals when the Air Elemental was ghouled. Trixie said that Wind-Farm Cavern practically ran on Hoverbug and Tormato slugs meaning that the Cavern could die.
  • Some people (or technically a Cave Troll legend) say that deep down, slugs and humans (and other living beings) share the same energy. Cave Trolls call it "Magic" in the earliest times.
    • This explained why the High Plains Monster attacked both slugs and other living beings for their energy. When the creature is defeated, it released blue-white orbs from its body. The orbs then returned to their owners, entering through their hearts (for Molenoids, it is through their bums as that's where their heart is).
    • This is probably true as Yang is able to create Slug Fu, hinting that both slugs and humans share the same energy.
    • Moreover, Junjie tells Eli to master his Chi if he wants to master Slug Fu. "Chi", or "Qi" is known to be a "life force" recognized by traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese martial arts and Chinese philosophy.
    • In Western culture, Auras are human energy forces. Since slugs have Auras, it is possible that all other living beings have auras too if they share the same energy.

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