Slug It Out 2 is the newest Slugterra mobile game. It's the sixth official app and the fourth app released by DHX Media.


Slug it Out is back and better than ever with bigger battle action, exciting new matching boards, and the new Slug Hideout!

Slugs are disappearing all across the 99 caverns! It’s up to you to find out why, bring the slugs home and restore the delicate balance of slug energy in this underground world. Play as hero Eli Shane as you unravel the mystery with your best slug buddy Burpy at your side. Collect an arsenal of the little transforming critters with amazing powers, and as you level them up with battle experience, watch your slugs’ transformations get epic!

When the battle is over, cool off and bond with your slugs in the new Slug Hideout, an oasis where your slugs can hang out and interact with each other—and with you!

Grab your blaster, load up your slugs and get ready to SLUG IT OUT!


  • Match-three gone wild! Versatile, fast-paced matching mechanic brings variety and complexity to the traditional match-3 board
  • Duel your favourite villains from the TV series, and travel to cool new caverns to battle never-before-seen foes!
  • New Slug Hideout where your slugs can play and interact with each other—and with you!
  • New rewards – collect gems and unlock treasure chests!
  • All your favourite slugs to collect and blast in battle!





  • Violet
  • Nur
  • Kudra
  • Nova
  • Jessie Jones
Story Mode Bosses
Rare/Limited Time Bosses

Coming Soon

Playable Slugs

Coming Soon


  1. The Shane's Hideout
  2. Grime City
  3. Grime Alley
  4. Bon's Juice Bar
  5. The Last Express
  6. First Class
  7. The Blakk Express
  8. Sewers
  9. Ghoul Depot Hallway
  10. Ghoul Depot Interior
  11. Land's End
  12. Dark Periphery
  13. Shadow Clan Village
  14. Shadow Mountain
  15. The Factory

Rare Bosses

  1. Frozen Depths
  2. Acid Canyon
  3. Doom Core

Unlockable Chests

Chest Type Store Value Wait Time Open Now Value Rewards - Food Rewards - Coins Rewards - Gems
Intsant Unknown 3 seconds 1 gem Unknown Unknown 0 gems
Quick 25 gems 10 minutes 1 gem 6 - 12 10 - 15 0 gems
Standard Unknown 2 hours 12 gems Unknown Unknown Unknown
Premium 50 gems 4 hours 24 gems 27 - 44 20 - 25 1 - 3 gems
Silver 100 gems 8 hours 48 gems 27 - 44 25 - 50 5 - 10 gems
Gold 200 gems 12 hours 72 gems 45 - 60 50 - 75 11 - 20 gems
Crystal (Boss Loot) Unknown 30 minutes 3 gems Unknown Unknown 5 - 20 gems



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