Slugterra: Slug Life is a new SlugTerra mobile game. This is the fourth official Slugterra app.


Live the Slug Life with all your favourite slugs from the popular TV series, Slugterra™!

Hop inside Eli Shane’s backpack and play with your favourite slugs in the Lounge, Bedroom, Gym, Kitchen, Study & Jam Room​, ​p​lay 3 different action-packed mini-games, earn coins, shop for gear and go on missions to win rare prizes! Build your slug collection to unlock all of the training gear, room keys, food & clothes! Create the ultimate Backpack​ ​Habitat as you play through over 100 levels!


  • Play through over 100 levels and 3 action packed mini games!
  • Feed slugs to replenish their energy.
  • Once a slug is fully energized, it’s ready to play an action-packed mini-game and earn coins.
  • Reach enough speed in 3 different mini-games and your slug will transform to its Velocimorph and earn a massive coin bonus!
  • Spend coins on training gear, food & clothes in the Shop.
  • Add a custom photo to hang on the wall of your habitat.
  • Train slugs to gain experience points (XP) and level up!
  • Send leveled up slugs on Missions to bring back rare prizes and unlock new rooms & slugs!
  • Unlock slugs, training gear, rooms, food & clothes to create the ultimate Backpack Habitat!

Playable Slugs


Purchased Content


Slugs can be dressed up in props, these props are:

  • Fedora (black)
  • Fedora (brown)
  • Cowboy Hat
  • Sombrero
  • Safari Hat
  • Helmet
  • Leaf Hat
  • Bow tie
  • Tie
  • Glasses
  • Sunglasses (black frames)
  • Sunglasses (yellow frames)


  • You can unlock the Infurnus, Tazerling, Rammstone and Dirt Urchin for free but the other slugs must either be paid for via in app purchases or by viewing ads.
  • Slugs can be trained by doing activities like the bench press around the whole backpack.
  • Slugs can be trained up to level 10 as that is their max level.
  • The Boon Doc can also unlocked (for free) but only after completing the "Bonnie Springs Cavern" mission which appears in the last tier of missions in the game (so far).
  • A few events from Season Three, as well as caverns and characters from The Eastern Caverns can be seen referenced in the game.


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