Slug tube2

A Barrel, or Shell, is a tube that is used for carrying and placing slugs or ghouls in a Blaster. Barrels are also be found on Slug Racks which carry more slugs.

A slug is placed in the barrel and the barrel is loaded into a blaster, but sometimes when there are already a barrel in the blaster, this barrel replaces the one in the blaster, but the barrel in the blaster is gone making it one of the mysteries of Slugterra.

Shell Types

  • Barrels:
    • For Slugs (Blue) - Slug shells are bluish cylinders with 2 open sides.
    • For Ghouls (Red) - Ghouls shells are reddish cylinders with 2 collapsible openings.
  • Torpedo Shell: these are yellowish egg shaped barrels that used for shooting slugs (and/or ghouls) while underwater.


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