Slugterra: Heroes of the Underground (aka Season One, Volume Four) is the fourth Volume of Slugterra.


Join Eli Shane and the Shane Gang as they venture further into Slugterra’s 99 caverns! But the further they go, the more trouble they seem to find with danger lurking in every corner. Our heroes find themselves confronted by thieves, con artists, a cyclops and robots, but it’s not just a simple matter of slugging it out to protect the underground world. Eli will have to work with his enemies, duel without Burpy and his best slugs, and reveal his most precious secret in order to protect the underground world from both everyday troublemakers and the fiendishly ambitious Dr. Blakk!


  1. "Snowdance"
  2. "Inheritance"
  3. "A Distant Shore"
  4. "The Journey Home"
  5. "Roboslugs"

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