Slugterra: Slugs Unleashed (aka Season One, Volume Two) is the second volume of the Slugterra show.


To be the best slugslinger, you’ve got to be the fastest. But you’ve also got to be the smartest. That’s where Eli Shane comes in. Growing up, Eli always dreamt of joining his father beneath the surface and becoming the greatest slugslinger in Slugterra. Now, the time has come. But Eli’s father is missing and it’s up to Eli, his Shane Gang, and his favorite slug — a faithful little Infernus called Burpy — to protect Slugterra from its foes until his father can be found.


  1. "The Slug Run"
  2. "Shadows and Light"
  3. "Dawn of the Slug"
  4. "Club Slug"
  5. "Endangered Species"

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