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When the Slyren reaches 100 MPH, it starts singing within a few seconds of its transformation. Those who are within its range fall asleep. It can also sing while in protoform, as seen in "Snowdance" that a nest of the Slugs keep the Ice Ogres hibernating. Eli used the one that he caught to put all the Ogres back to sleep. Pronto used Eli's Slyren to save Danna Por from The Gentleman's Geoshard. It is a very powerful slug, as it can break the crystal of a Geoshard and put the Ice Ogres to sleep, and can easily put someone to sleep.

A famous Slyren is Dozer, who belongs to Eli Shane.

A ghouled version of Slyren has not yet been seen in the show.


When transformed, the Slyren has the ears of a bat, frog-like arms, and a fishtail. It has a yellow-coloured belly but it's mostly coloured blue. Its tail and mohawk are coloured turquoise.




Slyren seepytime attack


  • Protoform Abilities - Perimeter alarm, can mimic sounds.
  • Whistleer - Flies rings around opponent, create a sustained, ear-splitting scream.
  • Sleepytime - Strange trilling call puts opponent to sleep.
  • Blammerang - High-speed sonic boom blast.
  • HyperSonic - Creates a high pitched frequency that causes temporary deafness in an opponent.


  • The Slyren is a play on "Siren". The Sirens are female sea monsters that originate from Greek mythology. The Sirens would sing and lure sailors to dangerous waters, which would lead to their deaths. Sirens are also a type of swamp dwelling legless amphibian.
  • A Slyren can be seen among Twist's Slugs after revealing his alliance with Blakk.
  • Only other Slugs are immune to their singing.
  • A Slyren is the only Slug that can break a Geoshard's crystals.
  • A Slyren's voice can affect Ghoul Slugs.
  • One was seen being ghouled in "Dark as Night". Neither its Ghouled protoform or its velocimorph has been seen in the show, though.
  • It is shown that only their singing can return Ice Ogres back to hibernation.
  • Trixie used one in the slugisode16 - Pack Your Slugs.


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