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'Mega Morph' 'Arachnet' T

ST SG SLUGS AttacknetProto

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Attacknet prot. MM

'Mega Morph' 'Blachnet' T

Personal Information
Name Spinner
Occupation Eli's Slugs Arsenal
Affiliation Eli Shane
Biological Information
Slug-Kind Arachnet
Ghoul-Kind Attacknet (Former)
Series Debut SlugTerra
Episode Debut "The World Beneath Our Feet Part 2"
Movie Debut "Ghoul from Beyond"

Spinner is an Arachnet Slug who belongs to Eli Shane. Spinner is listed as one of Trixie's favorite Slugs, although Eli has confirmed that Spinner is indeed the name of his Arachnet. He plays a main role in "The Journey Home" helping the rest of the Slugs get back to Eli by spitting web strands to reach higher areas. He is one of Eli's strongest Slugs.


Slugterra Episodes

Spinner was first caught in the episode 11 when the Shane gang are catching a Hoverbug slug which is flying.Later he saves the Shane gang from falling into the great pit.

In episode 26(What Lies Beneath),he is also one of the slug been ghouled.Later he is used to help Eli to climb into the behemoth's armchair.He is cured by Doc in the end of the episode.

Spinner has also appeared in The Journey Home first to defeat some Grimmstone fired by Lode and Locke.He is playing a main role in this episode along with Burpy,Chiller,Joules and Banger.He helps the slugs to reach higher stands by splitting web nets.He is later known to ride a Mecha beast to get to Eli in the end of the episode.

Spinner has also appeared multiple times in throughout the several helping Eli and the Shane Gang.

Ghoul from Beyond

He is used to save Pronto at the beginning from the ghouled Ice Orge.In the end,he is been ghouled when the Goon controlled Eli.He is used against Trixie.

Slug Episodes

Spinner has been also seen in many Slugepisodes.

Known Moves

Normal Slug

  • Protoform Abilities - Can spin a web line, or create a small web-like net.
  • Grapnet - Shoots a web line back at the slinger while flying through the air, then grabs on to a wall, like a grappling hook.
  • Webwall - Spins a stretchy net wall across an opening or battle area. Can stop a fall, or fling attacks back at an opponent.

Ghoul Slug

  • Protoform Abilities - Can shoot a small stinging web line.


  • Eli caught Spinner while trying to catch a Hoverbug in "Mecha Mutiny".
  • Spinner is the second of Eli's slugs to mega-morph.
  • In the slugisode "Spooker!" Spinner is shown as a regular slug, rather than a megamorph. This also happened with Stuntz and Banger


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