Stalagmite 17, the most escape proof prison in all of SlugTerra.
Mr. Saturday[src]
Stalagmite 17

Stalagmite 17 is the most highly maximum security prison in SlugTerra.


Stalagmite 17 first appeared in "Mission: Improbable", where Mr. Saturday took over and zombified the staff. After a fusion shot failed, Mr. Saturday captured and placed the Shane Gang in Stalagmite 17. Eventually this caused Burpy and Pronto to come and break the gang out, lifting the effects of the Cryptogrif Slug on the way.

In "Upgrade", the Shane Gang had transported the now captured Dr. Blakk to Stalagmite 17.

In "Back to Blakk" The Shane Gang, Millard Milford and the Security Slingers were helping Stalagmite 17 staff stop C.C., John Bull and Locke and Lode from breaking Dr. Blakk out of Stalagmite 17.

List of Inmates

  • Mr. Saturday
  • The Shane Gang (formerly)
  • Dr. Blakk (formerly)




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