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Tazerlings are blue Electricity element Slugs with antennae shaped like lightning bolts. They use electrical attacks. When overused, they have a tendency to backfire and electricute their own slinger by sending out a jolt of electricity while still in their slug tube. However, Eli's frequent use of Joules suggests that this weakness can be overcome with training.

It's preferred habitat is Tusker Forks Cavern, the Cavern of Time and dry prairies and deserts with lots of storm activity. These common Slugs are empowered with the element of electricity. They are useful Slugs and can pare with rare types like the Infurnus. It's said that if you're having a bad day, you should rub the top of a Tazerling's head.

A famous Tazerling is Joules, who belongs to Eli Shane.

A ghouled Tazerling is called an Amperling.


Tazerling vs grimmstone

Tazerlings are small blue Slugs, with yellow highlights on them. Tazerlings have a strangely shaped pattern on their stomachs which are a lighter blue. On top of that, they have seed-like shapes of yellow. Like all Slugs, Tazerlings have short, stubby arms. They have big brown eyes, with yellow lightning bolts above them in an eyebrow scheme. They have what seems to be three teeth, two big teeth on the sides on the top, and a big tooth under and can fit in between the other two teeth. When in mega morph, they get lightning claws.


Eli's wins his Tazerling, Joules, in a dueling competition. Eli later trades him for supplies. He feels guilty for his decision and trys to get it back. As it turns out, Joules was traded to Dr. Blakk. When Eli trys to get him back Blakk trys to blackmail Eli with Joules but is shocked by him, allowing Eli to escape.    


  • Protoform Abilities - Makes a small jolt of electricity
  • Tazerbolt - Slug is surrounded by a ball of electrical arcs; gives a proximity zap
  • Tazercoil - Latches on to opponent and shocks them repeatedly on impact
  • Circuit Burst - Shot directly at equipment, short circuits blaster/mod parts
  • Tazerwing - Shoots lightning strike from its tazer horns, burning the target and the ground around it
  • Slugshield - Electric defense screen shock slugs shot through it
  • Quetzalbolt - Lightning storm ,strafe,wind and arcing explosions

Fusion Shots


  • Novabolt: "Tazerling"+"Infurnus" - Forms an ionized plasma blast engulfed in flames.
  • ElectroSpear: "Tazerling"+"Dirt Urchin" - Once the slugs start spinning, electrified needles are shot out.


  • Closed Captioning often mistakenly spells Joules's name Jewels.
  • A scarlet Tazerling with white lightning can be seen in "Roboslugs".





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