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Roboslugs is the twentieth episode of Slugterra.


Quentin, a mad scientist was experimenting with Roboslugs, a new generation of slugs which has the abilities of all the slugs of SlugTerra. After Quentin enters a university and threatening the headmaster, fellow scientists Kate and Tobias ringed to the Shane Gang to seek help from them. They end up with him in a duel in which Eli defeats him using the Enigmo slug. This was because Enigmo was a rare one and only a few people have seen it transform. As a result, Quentin didn't know about the abilities of Enigmo slug. He flees and returns with a giant robot and defeats them. Proud that he has defeated the Shane gang, he leaves the place. After the duel Kate tells the gang about Quentin and an incident with slugs when he was a young boy.

RoboSlug reaching velocity.

during a field trip he notices a digital lock fitted onto a door and since he considered cracking locks as a challenge, he tries to open the lock and is accidentally pushed into a room filled with slugs. Due to this incident, he developed a phobia of slugs. So he made the Roboslug to replace them with the original slugs. After Pronto mentions a can opener Eli has a plan to face Quentin using a giant robot of their own, made from their Mecha-Beasts. Quentin has the advantage in the fight as he was using the Roboslugs. The Shane Gang however only manage to crack the mechs window. Eventually they smash open the mech Eli and Quentin were about to start a duel when Tobias and Kate threw a bunch of slugs at him. He is then cured of his phobia, soon after the slugs decide to save him from the unbalanced robots that were about to fall & crush him. He develops a liking of Noodle and resists his phobia. Afterwards he is seen in Stalagmite 17, just when Dr. Blakk appears and offers him an opportunity to join him. Quentin then shakes his head with a grin on his face, accepting the opportunity.



Created By:
Asaph Fipke

Series Director:
Johnny Darrell

Sebastian Brodin

Jae Harm
Tom Nesbitt

Written By:
Ken Pontac

Story Editor:
Rob Hoegee


  • This was the second episode that a Roboslug appeared, the first time was in The Journey Home seen in the slug tunnels.
  • Noodle was never shown from The World Beneath Our Feet Part 1 until now.
  • In one of the english versions scenes inside the Shane Gang's mecha, Kord's damage sensor showed the Japanese counterpart instead of the English's.


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