People from past the 99 caverns of Slugterra.

The End aka "The End of The 99 Caverns" and "The End of The Known World", is a farthest Eastern location of SlugTerra. This was the location of the final battle in Ghoul from Beyond.


The End might have first been mentioned in the King of Sling, in that episode Blakk was trying to conquer Gateway Cavern so he could use it as a base and gain easy access to the set of unexplored caverns & uncover their secrets (see The Outland Reach).

The End officially debuts in the Slugterra: Ghoul From Beyond Movie, The End is the location where the ghouls and marauders (and the Goon & Junjie) were believed to have come from the Eastern Caverns. The Ending has strips of Lava going through.



  • The Goon refers to "The End" as "Just The Beginning".




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