A Gentleman always keeps his word
―The Gentleman's catchphrase[src]

The Gentleman is a suave but deadly mercenary whose catch phrase is: "A gentleman always keep his word."


The Gentleman is a suave, skilled, and sophisticated mercenary. His employers always know their job will get done, because the Gentleman always keeps his word.


The Gentleman was first seen in "The Gentleman and the Thief" where he was hired by Dr. Blakk to retrieve his blaster from Dana Por. His weakness was shown to be Phosphoro Slugs, which interrupt his artificial mechanical eye's systems.


He has an artificial right eye that gives him night-vision and also allows him to calculate the best way to hit his target.


  • Even though he is a mercenary, he lives up to his name and always acts like a gentleman.
  • He doesn't like being interrupted or having his name being made fun of.
  • He can track anyone even through shadow as seen in The Gentleman and the Thief.


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