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The Slug Run
Season Slugterra, Episode 6
Slug Run Commercial
Air date October 22, 2012
Written by Todd Garfield
Directed by Blair Simmons
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Shadows And Light

The Slug Run is the sixth episode of Slugterra. It first aired on October 22, 2012 on Disney XD.


The episode starts with a commercial about the Slug Run, with the prize being a Crystalyd Slug. After seeing it Eli decides to join the race. However the gang tries to stop him, but he persuades them to join. Once they reach the starting line Pronto spots Sedo, a Molenoid who he considers a rival. When the race is about to begin Vance Bolt, a race champion, arrives to compete. When the race starts Eli (who learns the Vance works for Blakk) and Pronto (who Eli convinced to race because of Sedo) along with the other racers bolt off. At a point where Vance tells Eli to not follow him they fall into Shadow Clan territory. After escaping, they find their way back to the track. Soon the racers accidentally awaken Crystal Worms, and the racers are chased by them. Soon a very large Worm is awoken and chases Eli and Vance. As the two reach a tunnel, Vance uses his boosters to bolt forward while Eli barely manages to propel himself forward with a Slug. Eli crosses the finish line, only to learn that he came in second. To his surprise, Vance walks up to Eli and gives him the Slug, due to him being "a rider not a slinger," and seeing how much Eli would do just to make sure Blakk didn't get it. However, Sedo reveals himself to be Blakk's back-up agent. After revealing his mecha's weapons, Sedo demands the Crystalyd. However, he falls into a hole Pronto made using said Crystalyd. Just before Vance leaves, Eli requests that he would train him, with Pronto recapping the story of how he saved the day, until he notices everybody has left.



  • The announcer uses an Aquablaster.
  • The first leg of the Slug Run takes the racers down local streets through a residential district.
  • featured Slug: Crystalyd
  • There is a game based off this episode you can play here -> Slug Run.



Created By:
Asaph Fipke

Series Director:
Johnny Darrell

Blair Simmons

Francisco Avalos
Dennis Crawford
Jae Harm

Written By:
Todd Garfield

Story Editor:
Rob Hoegee

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