• What would happen if you ghoul slugs that haven't been seen in ghoul form on the show yet or the game Slug it out . What would they look like and what would their new power be.

    P.S. If you seen all the episode that have been revealed so far and played the game,you know all the slugs I am talking about. 

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    • Fangdano- A ghouled Fangdango

      Powers: Gives ghouls a power boost, makes slugs too weak to fight, and can turbo charge anything that runs on dark water.

      Appearance: A sickly grean where the marroon used to be and a Dark Water colored underbelly. The buck teeth are now more like vampire fangs.

      Prylen- A ghouled Slyren

      Powers: Produces a blood-curdling scream that can make you deaf,and make slugs in too much pain to transform.

      Appearance: A more bat-like version of itself and when it transforms the fin is more mohawk-like.

      Volcanyx- Lavalynx

      Powers: Capable of creating volcanoes in its wake and spouting smaller than average comets out of its head.

      Appearance: Blood red with Nightgeist-like eyes in protoform. Much darker in color with nightgeist eyes at velocity.

      Enigmare- Ghouled Enigmo

      Powers: Makes victims completely blind  unless hit again

      Appearance: Blood red eye and a dark purple body with pitch black markings and vampire fangs.

      Constricto- Ghouled Polero

      Powers: Just like those of its slug counterpart but more painful(read the appearance and you'll know why)

      Appearance: Protoform: A Communist Russia colored Polero with a small horn in place of the little twist on his heard, a mouth full of razor sharp teeth and black eyes with red slit pupils. Velocity: A Communist Russia colored Velocity form Polero with a spike covered connector between the heads. Each head has one of its protoform eyes as well as its own mouth of razor sharp teeth and an arm with three sharp claws on it.

      Trivia: Although the two heads are almost constantly fighting, there is one thing that they always can agree on: They prefer that their victim puts up a fight because it gives them an excuse to tighten their grip on them.

      Loogiat- Ghouled Lariat

      Powers: All those of its Slug counterpart except more  battle ready since its connector strands always end in the shape of a gnarled claw and can act as a super strong third arm. 

      Appearence: A red-eyed darker skined Lariat with a red sack instead of an aquamarine one.

      Sonikill- Ghouled Sonikin

      Powers: Amplified Sonikin powers but instead of curing ghouls, it infects its victims with a disease that shows no mercy and can only be cured by its counterpart.

      Appearance: A sonikin with purple skin so dark that it is almost black and a blood red cat eye and a full of  teeth so sharp they make a Thresher's look like cotton swabs.

      Bargemelter- Ghouled Forgesmelter

      Powers: Can create a liquid that covers its victims iand acts as quick dry super-cement, can only be broken by a Sonikin's Deciblast and another that melts just about anything.

      Appearance: A darker colored Forgesmelter with Pyringo-like eyes(and of course- sharper teeth).

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    • Those are all good ideas.

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    • Flowper- flopper

      protoform:dark green with black spots\

      powers: it doesn't tranceform but instead of a slippery slug that can shoot a green mist when fired it is extremly sticky and can shoot a dark fog when fired.

      crystalyd- stonstalyd

      protoform: blood red and a deep purple

      powers: when tranceformed the drill and spine is suraded.

      Phosphorror- phosphoro

      protoform: black back and a dark purple belly with a crimson spot on its forehead.

      powers: creates a blinding shower of sparks that rain down like comets

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