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ST SG SLUGS ThuggletProto

ST SG SLUGS ThuggletVeloTrail

Ghouled Version Smugglet
Owner(s) Twist (Formerly)
Element Psychic1 Psychic
Rarity Uncommon Uncommon
First Appearance "The New Kid Part 1"

A Thugglet slug is a rose red colored Uncommon Psychic Slug with small horns, a mohawk, and mask patterns over the eyes. They have illusionary abilities that only affect living things as seen in "The New Kid: Parts 1&2". When they transform, horns grow, their body turns skinny and they grow large teeth. The only one seen belonged to Twist but was a Ghoul pretending to be a normal Slug.

A famous Thugglet is Loki, who belongs to Twist.

A ghouled Thugglet is called a Smugglet.


  • Protoform Abilities - Can disguise itself as a different slug.
  • Gremling - Prankster - playfully pulls down pants, empties slug shells.
  • Burgalore - Steals important gear from opponent during battle.
  • Slugnap - Mighty punch that distracts foe while he steals a slug.
  • Lusionist - Can disguise itself and its slugslinger.
  • Spectackled - Can create illusions to trick opponents into seeing something that's not there.


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