Turtleton is a species of giant turtles, first seen in the game Slugterra: Slug It Out! and later in the movie Slugterra: Slug Fu Showdown.


This massive turtle might not run very fast, but it can crush anything in its path!



In the Slug Fu Showdown movie, the Shane Gang get a call about an attack at Quisingly Cavern, but they would just find "a ton of turtle" so Eli would dub it "Turtleton". Although Turtleton never really meant any harm, and all it was doing was trying to look for some food, the Gang would try to sling at it to scare it away but there normal slugs had no effect on the turtle's impenetrable shell, so Eli would eventually have to use the Earth Elemental to finally knock it back. Later, the gentle giant can be seen lured away using carrots.


In Slug It Out!, Turtleton appears to be one-of-kind, walking, talking, slugslinger like Spirex, and was 1 of the 3 creatures hired by Mr. Saturday to "cleanup the trash" in Stalagmite 17.








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