The Unstoppable Warriors are new giant Stone Warriors superweapons. They are nearly indestructible giants that are stronger, faster and can rapid-fire multiple Ghoul Slugs at once just like a Gattler. They are also powered by life essence, a little more and they become antonymous with a mind of their own like Stone Warriors only more advanced and better.

List of Unstoppables

  • The Iron Warrior - made from stone and infused with Iron Ore, this was the first Unstoppable Stone Warrior to appear.
  • The Crystal Warrior - made from stone and Auroris Crystals but besides firing ghouls, it can also use its crytals as weapons.
  • The Sonic Warrior (unofficial name) - made from stone and an unknown material, besides firing ghouls, it has an "aura" that knocks out the enemy and their slugs when near it.







Iron Warrior

Crystal Warrior

Sonic Warrior

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