I'm a rider not a slinger
―Vance Bolt to Eli Shane[src]

Vance Bolt is a cocky, arrogant mecha racer who previously worked for Dr. Blakk.


Vance Volt is the kind of guy who doesn’t like to stand around, and that attitude has helped make him a three-time Slug Run champion.


Vance is a thin built male. He has won the Slug Run 4 years in a row. Because he quickly wears down his mecha beasts, he let Blakk sponsor him during his most recent Slug Run. After Eli tried to stop him from winning so that he wouldn't get the grand prize, a rare Slug, to Blakk, Vance realized Dr. Blakk must be bad news and decided to stop working with him.



  • Vance Bolt had a ghouled mecha because he goes through a lot and Blakk can afford it but it was un ghouled by Kord Zane after he realized that Blakk was bad news.
  • Vance showed up as the count down of the slug run was almost done. 
  • Vance taught Eli to ride better on a mecha.