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Only a Slug Fu Master may wear a Wrist Blaster
Junjie to Underlord Holt[src]

Also check out Twin Sparkwing SF Pro (Junjie's blaster model)

Wrist Blasters are blasters that are strapped around a slingers arms. According to Junjie only Slug Fu masters may wear them, probably because they give the slinger easy access to preforming Slug Fu and represents that the slinger has mastered the art.



  • According to Junjie only Slug Fu masters have the choice of wearing wrist blasters, but in Slugterra: Ghoul from Beyond, all the Marauders seemed to be wearing one.
  • They are often referred to as "Wrist Slingers".


Twin Sparkwing SF Pro

Original Design

Current Design

Eli's Wrist Blaster

Original Design

Current Design

The Dai-Fu's Wrist Blaster

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