Not much is known about Xanadu Basin, besides the fact that the Shadow Clan have a village located near it and that Undertow Cavern is located near by as well. And that it could be the home of Mole Tribes, according to Gar Revelle.


Notable Locations/Landmarks


  • So far there hasn't been an accurate description of what this place is and how it looks like, so these are some questions and possible answers:
    • It's unknown whether Xanadu Basin is a cavern of its own, or if it's just a landmark that is found in the Dark Periphery.
    • In A Distant Shore, Gar Revelle mentions that "Mole" (or "Noll" or "Knoll") tribes can be found here, then in Slug Fu Showdown, Eli & Junjie collect new slugs from a place that looks similar to Master Shanai's home, and two the slugs that were collected were a Diggrix & a Slicksilver, which prefer to live near Grassy "Knolls" and Mountains.
  • In "Return of the Elementals"Eli revealed that Xanadu Basin is really close to Undertow Cavern.
  • In Slugterra: Slug Life, it is called "Zenadu Basin".


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