Xmitters are uncommon electric type Slugs. It was the favourite Slug of Straggus. In its protoform, it has teal and black skin with lime coloured antennae and stomach. It has no known preferred environment. When launched at velocity, Xmitter slugs are able to generate an electromagnetic pulse that temporarily disables any nearby electronic devices. Xmitter slugs has only been seen in episode The Hard Part but was mentioned in The Thrill of the Game when Trixie suggested using the slug.

It later reappeared in the episode Slug Day when Burpy made it to enter Oogleby's blaster so he would shoot it and disable all of the equipments that held the Slug Racks, freeing the slugs. Trixie used the Xmitter in Slugterra: Into the Shadows to disable all the ghoul machines and blasters temporarily.

A famous Xmitter has not been seen in the show yet.

A ghouled version of Xmitter has been seen in the show.


The Xmitter Slug as his protoform, has dark blue skin, brown skin on his back and head, light green belly and horns, and brown spots on forehead.

The Xmitter Slug at 100 mph, has greenish-blueish skin, brown skin on back, very light green horns, brown skin on the back of its hand, and three claws on each hand.


  • Protoform Abilities - Causes small appliances to short out.
  • Jambler - Scrambles all electrical energy in a small area, shorting everything out. Similar to an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) blast.
  • Blasterhack - Direct hit on a machine or blaster will fry all the circuits.
  • Glitchstorm - Creates a static cloud around a slugslinger to hide them from tracking devices.

Fusion Shot

  • Glitchsnare: "Xmitter" + "Vinedrill" - TBD, it hasn't been seen in the show yet.



Exmitter tranfromation

Xmitter at velocity

  • It is only used as a last resort due to its ability to disable your own blaster, as well as your opponent's blaster.


Opening Burpy Slugs Tormato ghoul

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